Batteries play a vital role in the running of most electrical appliances both at home and office.  Consumers can choose from a range of batteries.  There are two main type of batteries; those that can be recharged and those that need to be disposed after a single use. 

In addition, one can choose batteries based on their size. People looking for batteries can also choose between AA and AAA size depending on the type of device they have.  It is important to keep note that the battery technology has been undergoing changes since the discovery of batteries, one of the latest battery technology is the lithium-ion battery.  Lithium batteries are most popular for use in portables electronic.  Other areas, where lithium batteries are used, include electric vehicles, military, and aerospace applications.

The following are the factors to consider in choosing lithium battery.  It is vital for people looking for batteries to first figure out the size of batteries they need.  When searching for right lithium battery size, you do not need to have advanced knowledge in batteries.  When considering the size of batteries to buy, you need to look at the batteries currently in your device and replacing them with the same size.  On the other hand, one can read the instruction manual of the device to see the battery size to be used in them. Read more at

Once you know the size of battery to choose, you need to choose between single-use or rechargeable batteries.  To assist in decision-making process, let's take a look at the pros and cons of every type of batteries.  The main difference between single use and rechargeable lithium batteries is that the latter can be recharged when they are out of powers, on the other hand the former need to be disposed once the power in them runs out.

The following benefits of single-use lithium batteries will make you forego the rechargeable ones these include , the single-use lithium batteries have a cheaper upfront cost than their counterparts, besides, they have a very low self-discharge rate for a long shelf life and are widely available.  However, one of the outstanding benefits of rechargeable lithium batteries is that they offer better long-term value than single-use batteries.  Furthermore, you need to take note of the lithium battery power.  The power of the batteries depends with the type of device you are using.

In addition, to keeping note of the lithium battery power, you need to compare the battery life.  It is vital to note that the higher the milliamp-hour rating, the longer the rechargeable battery will power a device before needing to be charged again.  Moreover, one needs to pay attention to the reviews of battery manufacturing company. Learn more on this site:
Factors to Consider in Buying Lithium Batteries